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  • 1. NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars - 1 oz./30g (NGO-810)

    A visible and potentially embarrassing scar should be addressed as soon as possible. The NewGel+E is a soft, silky feeling gel that dries quickly. It is not sticky and leaves no...
  • 2. NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars - 0.5 oz./15g (NGO-800)

    NewGel+E is a soft, silky feeling gel that dries quickly. It is not sticky and leaves no odor or residue like many other silicone gels. It is great on scars on any...
  • 5" x 6" Silicone Sheet for Scars - Clear (NG-301)

    One of our Top Sellers! This versatile sheet can be used on wider scars or cut to fit multiple or irregularly shaped scars resulting from surgery, injury or burn. Includes...
  • Anchors for Breast Scars - Clear (NG-326)

    Designed for curved scars under the breast (inframamary crease) resulting from breast lift (mastopexy) or breast reduction. They are also ideal for curved scars resulting from FTM top surgery, Includes...
  • Areola Circles for Breast Scars - Clear (NG-320)

    Areola Circles are ideal for breast scars resulting from breast augmentation, breast lift, mommy makeover or breast reconstruction. The open center allows the circles to lay flat and make full...
  • Extra-Large 10" x 24" Silicone Sheet for Scars - Clear (NG-370)

    Scars resulting from burns, road rash, or shrapnel type of injuries often cover large areas of skin. This blanket is one of the largest silicone sheets you will find anywhere,...
  • Lollypops for Breast Scars - Clear (NG-324)

    Lollypops are shaped to cover breast lift (mastopexy) or breast reduction scars that do not involve the crease below the breast. They will cover both circular scars around the areola...
  • NewGel+UV SPF30 Silicone Gel with Zinc Oxide NG-8015

    NewGel+UV + SPF 30 is a soft, silky feeling silicone gel with zinc oxide sunscreen that helps to prevent excessive scarring and reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation(darkening of the skin)...
  • Silicone Gel Dots for Scars - Clear (NG-380)

    For use on small scars resulting from liposuction, skin cancer, arthroscopic surgery, raised acne scars and other small scars.  Safe for use on children aged two years and older. Includes...
  • The 1" x 6" Silicone Strips for Scars - Clear (NG-301S)

    One of our top selling products! These strips are great for all small straight scars, no matter how they happened. Minor surgery, breast augmentation, keyhole/laparoscopic surgery, biopsy, sutured chin,eyebrows or...
  • The 24" x 2" Abdomen/Extremity Silicone Strip - Clear (NG-364)

    The 24 in x 2 in silicone gel strip is the longest strip offered. It is ideal for lengthy scars resulting from tummy tuck, arm lift, mastectomy, orthopedic surgery and...
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