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Physician Testimonials

Prominent plastic surgeons share their thoughts on NewGel+ products as well as improvements they have seen in their patients' scars.



Patient Testimonials

Susan shares her success using NewGel+ to reduce the keloid that began to form on her achilles tendon repair scar.

Physicians, Nurses and Physical Therapists Praise the Effectiveness of NewGel+

Dr. Bull’s office called NewMedical to let us know about their results with using NewGel+ sheeting to treat a young girl, age 8, who had been severely burned. The family had tried other scar products without any success and Dr. Bull decided to give NewGel+ a try. The office and the girl’s mother were all amazed at how well NewGel+ seemed to help treat the burn. The mother was very happy and the girl seemed to really have a boost of confidence. They both felt that NewGel+ was the best answer to treating the burn scar.
- Dr. W. John Bull, Jr., MD, The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery - Naperville, Illinois

"I used one of the clear NewGel+ samples for a patient with hypertrophic scar on her hand. Amazing change in one week. Thank you."
- Kim Cridelich, OTR/CHT, Physical Therapist at Dean Clinic - Madison, Wisconsin

"My patients love the NewGel strips. I use them frequently. If you have anything new, please let me know or send a sample my way. Thanks."
- Lisa Gandor, OTR/CHT, Physical Therapist at AthletiCo - Oak Brook, Illinois

"We are loving your product." 
- Jessica Winning, RN, BS, CWCN, Certified Wound Care Nurse at Mercy - Chesterfield, Missouri

"Great product and service"
- Dr. Charles Nathan, MD, St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery - Chesterfield, Missouri

"The results have been excellent with your product." 
- Dr. Samuel Rhee, MD - Assistant Professor of Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York

"The patients who use the product (NewGel+) really swear by it.  I have been using it on my abdominoplasty and breast reduction patients as well as patients with hypertrophic and keloid scars." 
- Dr. Benjamin Rechner, MD, Centre for Plastic Surgery - Grand Rapids Michigan

"I recommend that all of my patients perform scar therapy, and I consider silicone the gold standard.  I have been quite happy with the NewGel+ product line, as they offer many shapes that are individualized for specific procedures.  The new liquid (ointment) formulation will be easier to apply in difficult locations and should be a benefit for my patients."
- Dr. Michael Bogdan, MD, FACS, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Southlake and Dallas, Texas

"NewGel+ is without a doubt the best silicone gel sheet product that we have ever tried.  We have experienced very positive patient feedback.  It adheres better than any other product."
- Dr. Tad Grenga, MD, FACS, Chesapeake Center for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery - Suffolk & Chesapeake/Virginia Beach, Virginia

"NewGel+ products are the only trusted scar regimen I encourage my patients to use.  It is scientifically proven that silicone is the only topical scar care product that helps improve post-operative scar appearance and quality.  My patients find NewGel+ easy to use and it works on scars that are difficult, especially the breast mastopexy scars and tummy tuck scars -- which improves my results, making both my patients and my results look great." 
- Dr. Andrew Trussler, MD - FACS, Austin, Texas


 Customers confirm that NewGel+ can make scars look better

 "Last January, I was diagnosed with melanoma. I have been using my NewGel for 3 months after my surgery and have noticed an enormous difference! At one point in time, I thought that my scar would always make my leg appear different and ugly. After using NewGel+, it’s hard to even see my scar. NewGel+ is easy! And it works. I will continue to use NewGel on my leg and on any other scars that pop up in my future."
- Mary Kay, Illinois

"Dr. John Pierce, a plastic surgeon located in Scottsdale, Arizona recommended I try NewGel+ for my hypertrophic scars. I used NewGel+ for the first time last night and when I took it off his morning I could already feel a difference in the texture of my scars! So happy :)"
- Serna, Arizona - referred by Dr. John Pierce

"Dr. Gregory Albert in Delray Beach recommended the NewGel+ silicone patches. I have been wearing them diligently and I am very pleased with the results. Thanks"
- Dominique, Florida - referred by Dr. Gregory Albert

 "NewGel+ came highly recommended by my amazing Surgeon, Dr. Michael Niccole of Cosmeticare in Newport Beach. Also, two of my friends used your product with great results! Even my boyfriend, a tough guy fabricator with years of cuts and injuries, experienced a severe cut last year and someone gave him one of your products...he couldn't believe the results!!! Thanks"- Sandra, California 
- referred by Dr. Michael Niccole

 "I received the product from Dr. James Sanger at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. My wife has multiple scars and skin grafts from a motorcycle crash. We've only used your product for a couple of days, but we were impressed enough to place an order. Thanks"
- Ron, Wisconisn - referred by Dr. James Sanger

"I bought my first NewGel+ products at Dr. Lucie Capek’s office. She performed a breast reduction. I find your NewGel products have made a difference in the scars I have. Just a little bit of use and I already see the scars flattening, softening, and becoming less noticeable. Thanks."
- Ellen, New York - referred by Dr. Lucie Capek

"I have had a breast reduction, so the lollypop Newgel+ strips are perfect for me and I have to say they are great, they stay on without tape. Essentially it was between three companies but their strips looked too narrow and much more expensive. I liked the fact that your NewGel+ product used high grade silicone, so there you are!"
- Kayley, Australia

"I will be letting Dr. Pelletiere know of the fast effectiveness of your NewGel + product line. In just 4 days, I cannot believe the results that I am seeing from my breast surgery. Warm regards."
- Cheryl, Wisconsin - referred by Dr. Vincent J. Pelletiere

"I have severe hypertrophic scars on both breasts. In one week, I have seen great improvement with using NewGel+."
 - Ann, Michigan - referred by Dr. Julio Sosa

"I've been going to physical therapy since December for a shattered elbow.  Brad, the PT at Round Rock Rehab gave me a strip of NewGel+ to try and it has saved me!  Before the strip I could only wear one huge-armed fleece hoodie with short sleeved shirts because it was the only thing that didn't rub my elbow raw.  Now, with the NewGel+ strip and a small sleeve I put over it, I can wear anything!  I'm thrilled with your product!"
- Lori, Texas - referred by Round Rock Rehab

"I saw results immediately!  I had Active FX laser done to my upper chest area.  After eight weeks the area would just not heal and was inflamed with raised areas.  I tried multiple products but nothing seemed to work until NewGel+.  NewGel+ is like a miracle!  The raised areas calmed down and redness started to fade!  I had several other procedures done to my chest and abdomen, I plan to use NewGel+ on those areas as well.  I can not wait to get my NewGel+ order!  Your product is truly wonderful!"
- Julie, Arizona

"My surgeon gave me a sample of NewGel+ to try on my hypertrophic and raised scar.  I would not have believed it without trying the product for myself.  Other products did not work but I began to see results within a few days.  Softening and reduced redness along with scar flattening began to occur.  This product is amazing so far!!!  I am looking forward to the end result."
- Janine, North Carolina - referred by Dr. Tad Grenga

"Great product, great service!"
- Gail, Texas - referred by Dr. Mark Schusterman

"Dr. Pelletiere gives all his patients strips of NewGel+ and I LOVE THEM!  I call myself the Queen of Scars, so I knew if I saw good results from the silicone scar sheets, I would be purchasing some.  These things work wonders!  I literally wear mine 24/7 and my scars are hardly noticeable.  I can't wait to get my new order in the mail so I can put fresh ones on my recent scar and also put them on an old back scar and two scars on my thigh from dropping a curling iron on myself!  So thank you to Dr. Pelletiere from introducing me to these!!!  I LOVE THEM and recommend them to EVERYONE!!!"
- Dani, Illinois - referred by Dr. Vincent J. Pelletiere

"My Daughter was injured in an accident and has a significant sized burn.  The Burn Center gave us the NewGel+ product to use and, since we began using it, the scar tissue has lessened and the skin is smoothing out.  We had been using both Cica-Care and NewGel+ but are now only using NewGel+ because it stays on longer without losing its stickiness and it lasts longer.  We are very pleased with NewGel+ and will continue to use it.
- Laura, Missouri - referred by Burn Center

"This is the third NewGel+ order I've placed with your company and I have to say the product is amazing!  Thank you!"
- Andrea, Illinois - referred by Dr. Joseph Daw

"I recently had sutures removed from my face and it was left bumpy and red so I reticently tried NewGel+.  What an amazing product!  In less than a week, the scar was flat and the redness was fading quickly.  I have recommended this incredibly productive product to many friends and family as it REALLY works!
- Gery, Illinois - referred by Dr. Dr. Anthony Terrasse

"With all the hype in advertising today, it is wonderful to find a product that actually delivers as promised.  My daughter was concerned with a scar following surgery and her doctor recommended we use NewGel+ to speed her healing and improve the overall results.  Dr. Symbas said that he recommends NewGel+ because so many of his patients experience exceptional results with it.  My daughter purchased both strips and the gel to alternate every 12 hours.  Within days the redness began to dissipate and the healing was visible.  We were also enthralled at the concept of a washable and reuseable strip, how innovative.  We've seen dramatic results so far and are looking forward to the final outcome.  I recently placed an order for NewGel+ myself to what it can do for an older scar.  No wonder NewGel+ is the leading FDA-approved product for scar management!  Thank you!"
- Debra, Georgia - referred by Dr. John Symbas

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